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Whitehall Cold Pac Cervical

Whitehall Cold Pac Cervical
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Whitehall Cold Pac Cervical
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Whitehall Cold Pac Cervical description:

  • Cold packs are used as first-aid in case of injuries in muscles and joints.

  • Cold gel packs reduce blood flow to the injured area to reduce bleeding and bruising.

  • Cold packs are used in the long-term treatment of chronic injuries of tendons, nerves and muscles.

  • The pack does not solidify upon freezing which makes it easier to apply to any body part.

  • Heavy duty packs, designed for multiple usage.

  • Packs provide a 30 minutes long session.

  • Can be used at physiotherapy and acupuncture centers, sports clubs or at home.

  • Size and shape are suitable for neck and shoulders.

  • Trademark: Whitehall.

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