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Frequently Asked Questions

SPAMA Mesical Store is the digital branch of Specialized Bases Company in Saudi Arabia.

You can order via the website according to the following steps: To reach the store click on SPAMA Medical Store
Click on the section list at the top of the store and choose the appropriate section and classification for you. You can also find the product through the search box at the top of the page. Browse the products within the category and click “Add to Cart” from the category page or click on the product and enter the product page and view its details.
Choose the quantity and product specifications that are suitable for you (color, weight, size ...) from the product page.

Adjust quantities, products, or add discount coupon when moving to the cart page.

After reviewing the basket, you can click on “Complete Order” and you will be asked to log in or open a new account via mobile phone, Google account, Facebook, or email, and you will be directed to the order completion page. Enter shipping information and agree to the Sales Agreement. Click on “Continue to pay” to choose the appropriate payment method for you. When you complete the payment, you will see a summary of the order, and you will later receive emails with all the details of the order and shipping tracking.

You can also order through Contact Us

You can follow the Special Offers section in SPAMA Medical Store

We accept your orders around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact customer service by phone from Saturday to Thursday (9 AM - 6 PM). Also, you can contact us via live chat from Saturday to Thursday (9 AM - 11 PM).

Yes, we can provide the product, provided that it meets the Saudi Standard Specifications or the requirements of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority in terms of marketing and selling it. You can contact us and write the product specifications through Contact Us

The Home Healthcare Customer Program is an advanced healthcare system aimed at caring for and monitoring the needs of our clients in terms of medical equipment and supplies. The process begins with an assessment of the patient's condition, providing the patient and their caregivers with all the necessary medical supplies, including regular and systematic home delivery. This program represents a unique innovation in the field of patient care and attention to their medical needs. It saves a significant amount of time and effort that patients and their caregivers would otherwise spend in procuring medical supplies and consumables.

Kindly fill out the following form, and our specialized team will contact you to answer your inquiries and provide you with the best supplies and services that suit you Click here.

The team at SPAMA Medical Store, in collaboration with its partners, offers the customer all the services for installing the product at home within the cities of Jeddah and Riyadh. Additionally, the team trains the patient and their family on how to use the product and follows up with them on all the necessary details to maximize the benefits of the product.Please note that some products may incur additional charges for installation. Customers will be informed about these charges in advance by the customer service team.

Specialized Bases company has long experience in equipping physiotherapy centers and daycare for children with disabilities, as we supervise the establishment of the center starting with the feasibility study of the project, and provide the necessary advice and services to develop the best planning for the project, in addition to providing all high-quality specialized medical equipment and supplies, and training specialists on the use of this equipment

For inquiries about equipping physiotherapy centers, you can contact us here

For inquiries about equipping daycare centers, you can contact us here

Yes, SPAMA Medical Store is authenticated e-commercial business. For more information on the authentication

Yes, Specialized Bases Company is licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority with License No. IDL-2023-MD-0210.

You can view the warranty policies we offer through Article Six: Warranty Policy in the Sales Agreement

The customer service team is pleased to contact you during the following business hours:

By phone from Saturday to Thursday (10 AM - 6 PM).

Live chat from Saturday to Thursday (9 AM - 11 PM).

During Ramadan: We are happy to reach you by phone from Saturday to Thursday (10 AM - 6 PM).

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. You can contact us through our Contact Us page, mentioning your order number and its details, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Cash on delivery is available in all cities of the Kingdom for orders ranging from 150 to 1000 Saudi Riyals and not exceeding 20 kilograms, whether in actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

Note: The cash on delivery fee is 10 Riyals for all cities in the Kingdom.

Store visitors are required to register and write their details and shipping address clearly and accurately when purchasing from the website, to ensure that orders are delivered as quickly as possible and without errors

  1. Bank transfer to our account.

  2. Payment by bank cards (mada - Visa - Mastercard).

  3. Pay with Apple Pay.

  4. Deferred payment in installments with Tabbi and Tamara.

  5. Payment by PayPal.

  6. Payment by stc pay.

  7. Payment on delivery is available in all cities of the Kingdom for orders ranging from 150 to 1000 Saudi riyals and does not exceed 15 kilograms, whether weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.


- The cost of COD is 10 Saudi riyals for all cities.

COD terms may change in emergencies and epidemics.

Bank transfers are received in our accounts in:

Account name: Specialized Bases Company

- Alinma Bank
Account     68204713002000
IBAN    SA 9505000068204713002000

 - Riyad Bank
Account    1482083689940
IBAN         SA1720000001482083689940

- Arab National Bank
Account    0108095564400015
IBAN    SA3230400108095564400015 

After completing the order an email will be sent to you containing a link to upload the transfer copy directly, by providing us with a copy of the transfer receipt and the order number we will be able to verify and ship your order directly according to it. 

In case of any problem, please contact us through the available channels or via the contact form. Click here.

Yes, delivery is available to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a value of 15 riyals for orders less than 250 riyals, and for orders of 250 riyals or more, free shipping is available. The terms of shipment and delivery may be subject to some changes in emergencies and the spread of epidemics.

Orders are shipped by our representatives in the city of Jeddah, and through shipping companies in the rest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as SMSA and Aramex.

Yes, in some exceptional cases the shipping price may be changed, for example, when the weight of the shipment exceeds 20 kg, the shipping cost increases.

Yes, free shipping is available for orders of 250 SAR or more.

You can track your shipment through your account on SPAMA MEDICAL STORE website which you registered and ordered. Our team will also send you an email containing the order details and shipment tracking number.

The shipping time within Jeddah takes two business days, and the expected delivery period to the rest of the Kingdom's cities is from 3 to 5 days, and this period is subject to change according to the statement of shipping companies. For example, with Aramex from 3 to 7 days, and with SMSA from 3 to 10 days.

You can track your shipment through the shipping company's website.

Yes, customers can request a return or exchange of products within 7 days from the date the product was received from the shipping company and he is not entitled to submit the request after this period has passed, according to specific conditions and specific fees, please check Section 5: Return and Exchange policy in the sale agreement here.

  • If the return or exchange is due to a defect in the product, the store shall bear the costs of shipping, return and replacement after examining the product and confirming the defect in it, according to specific conditions. If the return or exchange is for a reason belonging to the customer and not a defect in the product, the customer shall bear all costs of returning, shipping and replacing the product, according to specific conditions and fees.

  • Please review the details of the return and exchange policy in Article Five: Return and Exchange Policy in the Sales Agreement

In the case of accepting an exchange request, the price difference between the exchanged product and the new selected product is considered. If the price of the new selected product is less than the exchanged product, the website will refund the price difference within 21 business days using the same payment method. However, if the price of the new selected product is higher than the exchanged one, the customer must pay the price difference to the website using our accepted payment methods.

In the case of accepting a return request, the website will refund the order amount to the customer according to the sales agreement. This process takes 21 business days from the date of accepting the return request. The refund is made using the same payment method originally used. Please note that there may be delays from the bank or payment gateway.

Usually, within one business day, the tracking number is activated, but at some times under work pressure, the tracking number can be delayed by the shipping company for several days. If you face the problem for more than 24 hours please contact our customer service team.

The process of refund after canceling the order takes 21 business days, or according to the bank procedures or payment getway.