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About Us

SPAMA Medical Store provides medical and home sports tools and equipment, in addition to cosmetics and daily personal care necessities. We give our customers all attention and care. We provide home delivery of all products, along with training the patient and his family on the use of medical tools and equipment, to be an extension of the care provided in hospitals. And in coordination with the competent home health care authorities, in various governmental and private sectors and charities. We also strive to improve the quality of life of patients, the elderly, and people with disabilities wherever they are, as our services cover all cities and villages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision

Contribute to building a healthy society by providing home health, sports tools, and cosmetics, and cooperating with our partners in delivering our services in-home health care to every place, by providing equipment, medical supplies and aids in daily life, and training patients, the elderly, and their families, while ensuring high quality and distinguished service To promote the healthy lifestyle that Saudi Vision 2030 emphasized.

Our Mission

We believe in our role in providing excellent health care to everyone, and providing medical supplies and cosmetics according to the highest quality standards.