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Payment policy

Payment policy and methods:

Spama Medical Store always strives to provide convenient payment advantages to its customers. You can pay through:
1. Payment by bank cards (Mada - Visa - Mastercard).
2. Pay with Apple Pay.
3. Bank transfers inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
4. Deferred payment in installments with Tabbi and Tamara.
6. Payment by PayPal.
7. Payment upon receipt is available in all cities of the Kingdom with a fee of 10 riyals for orders ranging between 150 and 1000 Saudi riyals, and not exceeding 20 kilos, whether the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
Note that the terms of payment upon receipt may change in emergency situations and the spread of epidemics.

- How to pay the bank transfer:

Wire transfers are received for our accounts at the following banks:

Beneficiary Name: 

- Alinma Bank
IBAN Number   SA 9505000068204713002000
Account Number    68204713002000

 - Riyad Bank
IBAN Number 1482083689940
Account Number SA1720000001482083689940

After confirming the order from the site, you will receive an email containing a link to download a picture of the transfer, after raising the bank transfer notification, the arrival of the transfer is confirmed, so that the order will then begin to be prepared and shipped to you.

In case of problems, please contact us through the available channels or via the contact form click here.