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Multiuse Hot & Cold Pack

Multiuse Hot & Cold Pack
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Multiuse Hot & Cold Pack
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Multiuse Hot & Cold Pack description:

  • A pack that is made to be chilled/heated upon the desired effect.

  • The pack can be heated using the microwave and chilled using the freezer.

  • Cold pack uses: reducing inflammation of sprains and injuries, refreshing when feeling fatigue, reducing fever.

  • Hot pack uses: reducing muscle, joint and tendon pain, relaxing effect, increasing the blood flow to supply oxygen.

  • Safe and secure: anti-leak body filled with a non-toxic material.

  • Flexible body: does not solidify upon freezing for easy use.

  • All around: made to be used on all body parts.

  • Multiple use: used for an unlimited number of times.

  • Dimensions: 19x70 cm.

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