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Omron Pads Long Life

Omron Pads Long Life
Omron Pads Long Life
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Omron Pads Long Life description:

  • Used to deliver Tens therapy vibrations from the device to the patient’s body.

  • Tens therapy is meant to decrease chronic pain in muscles and joints.

  • Long Life Pads are durable, reusable and gentle on the skin.

  • The pack contains a pair of Omron Pads and an instruction manual.

  • Designed to be used for up to 150 times or a duration of 5 months.

  • To reuse, it’s advised to apply water on the pad surface and allow it to dry naturally.

  • It’s advised to stop using the pads if it’s not sticking properly to the skin where only 25% of it sticks to the skin surface.

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