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Primedic Tens Machine 2 Channel Taiwan

Primedic Tens Machine 2 Channel Taiwan
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Primedic Tens Machine 2 Channel Taiwan
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Primedic Tens Machine 2 Channel Taiwan description:

  • Tens therapy electrically stimulates nerves’ ends mainly to reduce chronic pain in muscles and joints.

  • Primedic Tens is equipped with a clear, simple and easy to navigate screen by which the user can choose therapy programme, intensity and duration.

  • Primedic Tens has two channels and every channel is connected to two electrodes.

  • Primedic Tens therapy session duration can be anywhere between 5 to 90 minutes either continuously or with short breaks every 5 minutes of the session.

  • The device uses cable power or rechargeable batteries.

  • Primedic Tens accessories:

Qyt 2 Electrodes cable

Qyt 1 User guide

Qyt 1 rechargeable battery

Qyt 1 charger

Qyt 4 electrodes

Qyt 1 case

  • Device dimensions: 13.6x7x2.65 cm.

  • Device weight:162 grams.

  • Trademark: MediHigh Tec.

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