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SPAMA Sales Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

Return and exchange policy to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product that he bought from "SPAMA", and the return and exchange are subject to the following items:

First: The customer has the right to request to return the product purchased from "SPAMA" within 7 days, or to exchange the product within 15 days from the date of receiving the product.

Second: The customer has the right to return or replace the product for reasons related to him, subject to the following conditions:

1. The customer shall not use the product, open it, install it, or obtain any benefit from it.

2. Not to destroy the product, packages and original product packaging, or remove the price tag or stickers, and preserve all product accessories.

3. The customer keeps the sales invoice.

Third: SPAMA accepts return or exchange of products for reasons related to the products in the following cases:

1. The product does not conform to the specifications on which the purchase was made.

2. Receipt of a product with an apparent defect or damage that is not caused by the customer's misuse of the product, provided that the customer sends us pictures and a text statement explaining the apparent defect or damage in the product within 24 hours from the date the customer received the product from the exhibition.

Fourth: SPAMA does not accept the return or exchange of the product in the following cases:

1. SPAMA does not accept the return or exchange of some products, for example, but not limited to (underwear, girdles, socks, towels, mattresses, medical beds, medical mattresses, bathroom chairs, shower chairs, mucus suction devices, respirators. Milk suction devices, ... etc.), or any other products whose return may affect the health of customers, such as transmitting diseases or spreading infections.

2. The product that has been installed at the customer's site and cannot be returned to the original condition before sales.

3. Product malfunction due to failure of the customer to comply with the instructions for use.

4. The product should not be manufactured, modified, or equipped according to the specifications set by the customer, and the implementation was based on them.

5. Any requests for exchange or returns that violate the first, second and third clauses of the return and exchange policy.

6. If the product is among the products excluded from return or exchange.

Fifth: In the event that the return or exchange is due to a defect in the product, "Spama" will inspect the product, and if it is proved that the defect is due to the product, "Spama" will bear the costs of shipping, return and exchange.

Sixth: If the return or exchange is due to a reason due to the customer and not a defect in the product, the customer will bear all costs of returning, shipping and replacing the product.

Seventh: In the event that a request to return or replace the product submitted by the customer is rejected for violating the return and exchange policy, and the customer refuses to receive the product again, Spama has the right to dispose of this product after 15 days have passed from the date of the customer’s rejection.

Eighth: In the case of accepting the return request, "SPAMA" will refund the price of the product to the customer within 15 working days from the date of accepting the return request, and the price of the product will be refunded in the same way that the payment was made.

 Ninth: In the event that the replacement request is accepted, the price difference between the replaced product and the new product chosen is taken into account. If the price of the new product chosen is lower than the price of the product that has been replaced, SPAMA will refund the price difference within 15 A business day with the same method of payment, but if the price of the new product chosen is higher than the product that was replaced, then the customer in this case must pay the price difference to “Spama” through the payment methods approved by us.

Deposit policy

1. The customer is obligated to pay a deposit for "SPAMA" to be determined as a percentage of the total cost, in case the product was manufactured, modified or equipped according to the specifications set by the customer, or in the case of the customer's request for some special requirements that increase the cost or transportation and freight charges, or The case of the customer requesting quantities that are not available at "SPAMA" and were requested and prepared specifically for the customer.

2. The customer has the right to recover the deposit if:

• "SPAMA” does not adhere to the agreed upon specifications.

• "SPAMA” is not committed to delivering the product within fifteen days, or during the agreed period (whichever is more), unless the delay is due to force majeure.

3. If the products agreed upon were manufactured according to the customer’s request or according to the specifications he specified, then the customer is obligated to implement the agreement and “SPAMA” will not be able to cancel the request. Asking the client to implement the agreement judicially if canceling the request causes losses or damages to SPAMA.

Warranty policy

1. "SPAMA" provides the product offered for sale in accordance with the guarantees provided by the factories or authorized distributors, and the responsibility of "SPAMA" in terms of guarantee is limited to providing the information of the guarantee provider, terms, duration, and maintenance centers to the customer upon request. Therefore, the guarantee in this case is not the responsibility of "SPAMA”.

2. The customer has the right to request maintenance from "SPAMA" if it is the authorized distributor of the product and the provider of the warranty during the warranty period and conditions. SPAM has the right to decide whether to perform maintenance on the product, or to replace it with an alternative product of the same category, or to pay a sum equivalent to a number of the remaining days of the warranty period, provided that the product is received and delivered in one of the centers affiliated with "SPAMA".

3. In all cases, the warranty includes only manufacturing defects, and all damages to the product as a result of customer misuse or non-compliance by the customer with inconsistent usage or maintenance instructions are excluded from the warranty.

4. Delivery service (maintenance): we can do the service of delivering the product that is required to be  maintained, to the maintenance center of the guarantee provider, delivering it and receiving it from him on behalf of the customeraccording to the approved shipping fees, then it is delivered to the customer in one of the centers affiliated with "SPAMA", and we also have the ability to ship and deliver it to the customer to all cities Kingdom according to the approved shipping fees.