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Stick Alum Adj Foldable

Stick Alum Adj Foldable
Stick Alum Adj Foldable
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Features Stick Alum Adj Foldable Taiwan

  • Lightweight and portable.
  •  Foldable and adjustable to fit the length of the individual.
  • Adaptable for right or left hand users
  •  Provides safe and reliable support on any surface
  • Height adjustable legs
  •  Suitable for all persons of different lengths


Anti-slip base

Carrying capacity: 115 kg

Manufacturer: GENRC

 The most important 4 uses of Stick Alum Adj Foldable Taiwan:

  • Suitable for individuals who may have arthritis, or joint problems in their knees, hips, or back.
  • The best option is it is easy to use and fold up and used for more than one purpose
  •  It is used during travel while walking anywhere
  • It is used for elderly men and women and fits precisely in luggage

High quality of the most famous international brands

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